Nothing can quite describe the unsurpassed magic of Santorini.

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Santorini / Eating out

A guide to Santorini's restaurants & tavernas.

Eating out

Traditional Santorini & Greek food with Recipes

  • Old as the hills, fava could be found in public taverns since time began, where it finally made a triumphant entrance to the living rooms of the 'well to do' ...
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  • a.k.a. Santorini tomatina.
  • A caprice of nature, Santorini's 'baby tomato' is as delicious & aromatic as it is tiny. You could almost confuse it with a small cherry...
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  • To friends of the white eggplant, she is known as the 'apple of love', while her enemies insist that the story is about 'that crazy apple'...
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  • Recipe for delicious tomato rissoles with a scent of mint ...
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  • Chloro is a fresh cheese made by Santorinian ladies; hard to find in taverns or restaurants, it is even more difficult to buy on the open markets ...
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  • This white creation, a testament to the high standard of Greek cheese makers justifiably lays claim to the title 'princess' of cheeses, and is coveted far above all other contenders ...
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Special Santorinian Recipes

Christmas Recipe

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