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Santorini Specialities :

Fava Bean : History & Recipe

Chloro Cheese : History & Recipe

Cherry Tomato : History

White Eggplant : History

Tomatokeftes : Recipe

Greek Tradition :

Feta Cheese

Feta Cheese Recipes :

Feta Pie with Bechamel Filling

Feta in Filo Pastry with Honey

Feta in Filo Pastry with Lamb

Feta in Stuffed Peppers

Easter Recipes :

Tsoureki with Easter Eggs

Mageiritsa Soup

Christmas Recipes :


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Santorini Restaurants & Tavernas : Eating Out

A guide to Santorini's restaurants & tavernas. Traditional Santorini & Greek food with Recipes

Eating is a way of life for the Santorinians and for the Greeks in general. Restaurants are not a place to have a bite to eat before an evening of entertainment, eating out IS the entertainment. And whether you go to a local tavern or to a gourmet restaurant you will see that the Greeks take their time over food.

Traditional Santorinian dishes include the fava dip, a salad with cherry tomatoes with chloro cheese, the santorini cucumber 'Katsouni' and capers, tomatokeftedes (tomato rissoles), and the round fat baby courgettes grown locally. Favourite main courses are dishes of grilled meat, or seafood such as octopus, squid, red snappers and kalamari. Santorini also grows its own watermelon, which is small, dark in colour with lots of pips, and has an excellent taste.

Santorinian wine by the bottle or barreled wine produced locally, raki or a light beer accompany the meal. No meal is complete without Greek pastries and thick strong coffee. Taverns are usually cheaper than restaurants - they offer simple but tasty dishes ...

Santorini Restaurants & Tavernas

Taverna Mario No.1 : Catering
Taverna Mario No. 1 : Mario Catering : Monolithos
"Mario No.1 Taverna" Grill & Restaurant is situated where the surf meets the beach in Agia Paraskevi - Monolithos. Greek Santorinian cuisine for Lovers of Good Food is served. We cater for Weddings, parties, conferences, events ...
Best Features Catering Services
  # #
-[ Taverna by the Sea
-[ Open All Year Round
-[ In House Catering / We Come to You Catering
-[ Ideal place for lunch & dinner for all the family

Traditional Santorini & Greek Food : History & Recipes

The Fava Bean
Old as the hills, fava could be found in public taverns since time began, where it finally made a triumphant entrance to the living rooms of the 'well to do' ...

Chloro Cheese
Chloro is a fresh cheese made by Santorinian ladies; hard to find in taverns or restaurants, it is even more difficult to buy on the open markets ...

The Cherry Tomato : a.k.a. Santorini tomatina
A caprice of nature, Santorini's 'baby tomato' is as delicious & aromatic as it is tiny. You could almost confuse it with a small cherry...

The White Eggplant
To friends of the white eggplant, she is known as the 'apple of love', while her enemies insist that the story is about 'that crazy apple'...

Recipe for delicious tomato rissoles with a scent of mint ...

Feta Cheese
This white creation, a testament to the high standard of Greek cheese makers justifiably lays claim to the title 'princess' of cheeses, and is coveted far above all other contenders ...