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About Gastronomy

Gastronomy - the art and the science of cooking, the knowledge and understanding of what someone eats. Nowadays the meaning of the word is related to gourmet cuisine and fancy complicated recipes, however, it all started much simpler with people trying to take advantage of their local products by trying different combinations and exchanging the successful recipes.

Likewise, gastronomy in Santorini is based on its simple local products and escalates to numerous tasteful recipes. Here you have the opportunity to taste products that cannot be found anywhere else in the world:

fava beans

Gastronomy 2013

The year of gastronomy 2013 in Santorini was an opportunity for you to get familiar with not only the traditional Santorini cuisine, but also with famous gourmet Santorinian plates. Starting from the simplest natural ingredients and escalating to tasteful recipes we can promise you an unforgettable gastronomical experience. Traditional recipes along with gourmet creations and the exceptional Santorini wine will make you never wanting to leave the island.

The unique gastronomy of Santorini is in any case part of the island's culture; that's why you can enjoy them not only during 2013 but also in any of the following years. So don't worry if you missed it this year, there will be many opportunities when you visit Santorini.

gastronomy 2013

One more for local products

These are just some of the many products of the island. The truth is that all the local fruits and vegetables growing in Santorini are special and, in a way, different than anything known. The reason for that is, of course, the volcanic dry ground that makes all products unusually tasteful.


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