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Welcome to Perissa & Perivolos - Agios Georgios
Perissa is a seaside village on the south east coast of Santorini with several kilometers of black sand beach. Towering over the beach on the north side is the mountain of Mesa Vouno, site of Ancient Thira. Perissa connects with Perivolos, and the collective area is longest stretch of beach on the island. Both beaches are organized. Perivolos in particular is a more up-market clubbing scene, an extension of Santorini’s nightlife by day.

Church of Timiou Stavrou
One of the largest churches on the island, Timiou Stavrou can be found in Perissa square. The original church, built during the period 1835 up till 1840, was destroyed by the 1956 earthquake and was later rebuilt.

The Church of Timiou Stavrou
Photo : Klearchos Kapoutsis

Early Christianity : The Basilica of Agia Irini (Saint Irene)

At the base of the mountain of Mesa Vouno, one can find the ruins of the Basilica of Agia Irini. The building dates back to the 5th century, while evidence of a second construction period during the second half of the 6th century was discovered in 1992. The completion of the excavation of the site, whose floor reaches to a depth of two meters, will take several more years.

For many years it was thought that Santorini was given its name by the Venetians in the 13th century. Nowadays there is strong evidence that the Basilica of Agia Irini gave Santorini its name.

The Chapel of Panagia Katefiani overlooking Perissa
Photo : Klearchos Kapoutsis

Panagia Katefiani
Two hundred meters up on the slopes of Mesa Vouno is the tiny chapel of the Genethlion of Theotokou otherwise known as Panagia Katefiani. The name Katefiani comes from the word 'katefio' = refuge or hideaway. The local inhabitants use to go there for protection in times of hostile attacks. Many took refuge there during the 'Time of Evil', the volcanic eruption of the Kolumbo submarine crater in 1650.

Archaeological Discoveries :
There is a theory that Perissa stands on the site on the ancient city of Elevsina, referred to by Ptolelmaios, geographer, mathematician and astronomer of the 2nd Century AC, as one of the cities of Santorini. The port of Ancient Elevsina is thought to be near to the Akrotiri of Exomiti. Findings proving Perissa at one time was an ancient city were discovered in 1836. During the Byzantine years, a second city of considerable riches was built over the original one. It is estimated that the city fell into a decline during the reign of the Emperor Leontas the 3rd of Isavrou.

Perissa is home to the Museum of Fossils & Minerals.

Distances Fira town : 13 kilometers
Services Restaurants, taverns, supermarkets, cafes, beach bars, summer 'happenings', beach volleyball, water sports, Perissa camping site
Buses You can catch the bus from Fira, just below the main square. Return buses leaving from Perissa and Perivolos have pick up points on corners of side roads that run vertically to the beach area. They circle around Perissa square and take the return route back to Fira.

Blue Flag Award
Blue Flag Award
Perissa Beach has received the exclusive eco-label BLUE FLAG AWARD.

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Photo : Klearchos Kapoutsis


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