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Energize & Purify. The Magic of Premimum Massage

Massage Therapies
The lava stones are precious containers of frequencies, colours, heat. The power of the stones is combined with that of the ayurvedic massage: slow and wrapping moves that relax and calm, dissolving the stress of both body and mind with an extraordinary harmonizing and re-balancing effect.
"The Massage that pampers you" The sensations and effects given by the Chocolate Massage are quite special, besides giving serenity and relaxing affects, it nourishes, moisturises and soothes the skin of your body. A temptation impossible to resist.
Golden honey drops on your body, it's" Magic Honey'" an incredibly sweet and intense treatment that renews and nourishes the shin deep down, leaving it smooth, compact and irresistibly silky to the touch.

The whole active power of olive oil, always considered as a gift from the gods. A pure essence and fruit of the earth. All the skin of our body reacts to this extraordinary holistic massage, the result is a deep invaluable sensation a relaxation and at the same time a tingling vitality.
A deep massage prepares the skin, reactivates the circulation and improves the tone of the tissue. Lulur Massage then acts with it's exclusive mix of rice powder and aromatic spices with a stimulating effect on the tissues. Finally citrus fruits or tropical fruit yogurt is a wave of refreshing wellness to rebalance the pH and with a highly nourishing action.
It's the fusion between the moment of energy and of purification. The Pot ails are softly applied onto the body a quite pleasant massage dissolves toxins soothes and gives a delightful sensation relaxation, bringing the much longed tranquility or energy.

Exclusively for Women
It takes a living ingredient to heal a living system. A natural anti-cellulite, poor circulation, water retention and adipose deposit treatment. Using freeze dried seaweed mixed with essential oils and vegetable extracts. The skin will appear smoother and toned. This treatment is suitable for legs, abdomen, back and upper arms.
Reflexology treatment restores the flow of energy throughout the body and provides a sense of peace and renewed balance. Reflexologists use their hands to massage and manipulate pressure points to help unblock energy pathways, encouraging the
A treatment that combines Japanese Shiatsu Chinese acupressure methods, working along the body's meridian lines and energy points. Releasing blocked energy, restores well-being and stimulates your body natural healing process.

A relaxing treatment for the body using safe natural products for the pregnant and nursing mother. Ideal for all skin types, poor circulation, stretch marks, cellulite, lack of skin elasticity and water retention. Skin is softened and muscular aches and pains relieved.
Santorini Hot Stone Therapy
What is hot stone therapy? Pure bliss !
Hot stone therapy is a popular healing treatment that has been around for thousands of years. This treatment combines the use of both hot basalt (lava) stones and cold marble stones with a temperature range of 32 to 140 degrees. If you choose this spectacular treatment, you will rest on a heated bed of stones that are placed along the spine. Once the body has relaxed and the muscles are warm, the therapist uses the hot stones to massage the body using long strokes, kneading and further relaxing the muscles. The cold stones are normally reserved for treating injuries and revitalizing the body at the end of the session. Essential oils are sometimes used to complement the massaging and kneading.

A few of the benefits? The combination of heated and chilled stones provide chronic pain relief, neck and back pain relief, deep relaxation and stress reduction.

What is reflexology?
Many day spas offer reflexology – an ancient and proven healing therapy that uses gentle pressure on the feet and sometimes the hands to relieve the body’s internal pain and tension. The result? A restoration of energy and balance. Reflexologists use their hands to massage and manipulate pressure points on your body to help unblock energy pathways, encouraging the correct flow of energy.

The result? Reflexology can restore the body's natural equilibrium and help it heal.

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