Santorini Premium Spa - A Slice of Heaven on Earth  
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A Slice of Heaven on Earth. Santorini Premium Spa

Weclome to the Spa
At Santorini Premium Spa everyone is welcome!
Take a trip back in time and imagine the feeling of being in a place that relaxes you while also freeing you from day-to-day pressures and concerns. When you walk through our doors, you will discover a little slice of heaven on earth - a beautiful place of peace and serenity we have created inside the historic walls of Santorini Premium Spa.

We've spared no luxuries when it comes to establishing a soothing home away from home for your body, mind and spirit. Once you step inside, you will be exposed to a world of decadence - a new level of nurturing, an array of services ranging from body treatments to the very latest in beauty techniques, health foods and herbal teas that nourish the mind as well as the body. Sit back, relax and allow us the opportunity to make a visible and positive difference in your life.

Our Philosophy
Santorini Premium Spa will deliver what we all know to be true - it's no secret that spa therapies are an enhancement to life. A day in our spa is the ideal way to alleviate your daily stresses while helping maintain the warm, radiant glow of youth. Just as life should be!

We believe everyone should live life, be happy & spa lots!

At Santorini Premium Spa, we pamper your body and spirit in a place where ancient rejuvenating techniques blend seamlessly with modern amenities to energize and beautify you from the inside out.
Santorini Premium Spa offers so much more than simply a spa vacation. We deliver a health-renewing experience with lasting effects - you can breathe fresh air, relax your mind and body, and be pampered beyond your wildest dreams. But most importantly, you will return home with more energy, greater focus, and an enhanced sense of balance. Santorini is proud to offer this amazing spa to enrich your life.

Some places you go just to “ be ”. Santorini Premium Spa is that place!
Come join us for an experience guaranteed to seduce your senses. Here you will be delighted to find “a slice of heaven on earth”.


Santorini Premium Spa Services are available to everyone. You can book through our Web Site or visit us while you are on the island. It doesn't matter whether you just walk in through our doors, are staying at another hotel, with friends & family, or simply visiting the island for the day.

You can find the Spa if you walk towards the sunset in the center of Oia Village on the main Caldera walkway. It is housed in the Museum Spa Hotel.

Santorini Premium Spa. Discover our World  in Santorini
We can book your hotel
- Amoudi Villas
- Caldera Villas
- Casa Francesca - Musses
- Museum Spa Hotel
- Oia Mare Villas
- Residence Suites
- VIP Suites

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